The Gator Theme Park Engineering & Design Club was awarded with the 2019 New Student Organization of the Year Award from the University of Florida Student Involvement team. This award could not be made possible without the hard work and support of the club's officers and members. 
April 2019
I attended the Spring 2019 TEA GibGab "speed-dating" interview event where TEA NextGen members were given three minutes to interview with each attending company. It was a great opportunity to learn how to pitch myself and my skills to a variety of companies within a brief amount of time. A special thanks to AOA for hosting the event!
March 2019
Following my internship with Universal Creative, I was thankful enough to participate in a part-time project management internship at ThemeWorks. I balanced my classes by interning Tuesdays and Thursdays through the Spring 2019 semester where I learned about the importance of effective communication and organization in order to deliver scenic elements and show action equipment to clients in the themed entertainment industry. 
Spring 2019
I attended the 2018 TEA Ugly Sweater Holiday mixer at the Bar Louie in Orlando. Who doesn't love a little karaoke and cliche sweaters? 
December 2018
I attended the Universal Creative holiday party at the Hardrock with my fellow interns. It was inspiring to be constantly around such a talented group of passionate students, and I have no doubt that I will be working with many of these individuals again in the future.
December 2018
It was great attending my third IAAPA conference volunteering again with the Themed Entertainment Association. It was great reconnecting with old friends, creating new relationships, and exploring new technology associated with the Themed Entertainment Industry.
November 2018
During my internship at Universal Creative, I joined the Volunteering Committee thanks to the kindness of Raven Sanders. As a member of the committee, I attended meetings and provided suggestions for ways Universal Creative could get involved with giving back to the community. The photo above was an event organized by Raven Sanders which resulted in our team cleaning up more than 3,500 pounds of trash at Lake Fran.
September 2018
Following my internship at AES, I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to intern with Universal Creative in Orlando, FL. This internship solidified my passion for ride and show engineering as I was exposed to so much more than I could've hoped for. I was a member of the Core Engineering & Safety team where I worked on a variety of projects that helped develop my skills in communication, technical writing, testing/instrumentation, finite elemental analysis, project management, ASTM F24 application, and a better understanding of how the industry works. I always felt encouraged to strive to do my best, and I am very thankful for the relationships created with my coworkers.
Fall 2018
I volunteered with the Themed Entertainment Association as a greeter for a networking event hosted by Falcon's Creative Group. I've developed strong relationships with many of the young professionals who regularly attend, such as those pictured in the photo. It's always a pleasure to see them and create new relationships.
August 2018
I interned with Artistic Entertainment Services in Orlando, FL as a member of the technical design department during the 2018 Summer. As a mechanical designer, my main responsibilities included communicating with clients in the themed entertainment industry, technical drafting and 3D modeling using SolidWorks and AutoCAD, and project management associated with in-house manufacturing and on-site installation. This internship really emphasized the importance of designing for manufacturability, even with difficult creative parameters. 
Summer 2018
I worked as a 3D printing assistant in the Marston Science Library. Responsibilities included preparing 3D models, communicating with customers, and troubleshooting printers by means of mechanical maintenance. 
Spring 2018
I attended the SkyNext event hosted by Skyline Attractions with several other students sharing a passion for the themed entertainment industry. We were fortunate enough to hear from several speakers, visit FunSpot Kissimmee, and even get a construction tour of the SeaWorld ride, Infinity Halls. Special thanks to Skyline Attractions!
March 2018
Gator TPED members had a blast at the behind the scenes off-season tour of Wild Adventures in Valdosta, GA.
February 2018
Gator TPED members traveled to New Orleans to attend the ASTM F-24 Amusement Devices and Attractions conference. It was a great learning opportunity to see how the standards are negotiated and discussed, and I am very fortunate to have met some mentor figures at the event. 
February 2018
Gator TPED members were fortunate enough to attend a facility tour of Entech Innovative Solutions in Rockledge, FL. A special thanks to Justin Stehr for making the event possible!
February 2018
I attended my second attended International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) Convention with fellow Gator TPED members in Orlando, FL.
November 2017
I attended the Themed Entertainment Association's event "Doing Business with Universal Creative" to learn more about the interface between vendors and the Universal.
November 2017
A special thanks to ThemeWorks Vice-President Ryan Kremser for giving the Gator Theme Park Engineering & Design Club a tour of the ThemeWorks fabrication facility. I coordinated the tour with the President of the company and Gator alumni, Scott Gill.
November 2017
A Special thanks to Walt Disney Imagineering Creative Director Mk Haley for speaking to the Gator Theme Park Engineering & Design Club regarding networking in the Themed Entertainment Industry. I coordinated the event based on prior interactions with Mk.
November 2017
 Other TPED members and I volunteered for the University of Florida's Career Showcase as members of the "Queue Squad." No Fastpasses necessary for our queues!
September 2017
I worked at Busch Gardens Williamsburg in the Summer of 2017 as a ride operator. I had the opportunity to take a behind the scenes tour of the maintenance bay for the ride vehicles of Curse of DarKastle.
Summer 2017
I attended  the SkyNext event hosted by Skyline Attractions where students were able to interact with professionals in the themed entertainment industry and receive a tour of a roller-coaster construction site. 
March 2017
Attending a TEA networking mixer with fellow Gator TPED members at the Crooked Can Brewery in Orlando, FL
March 2017
A special thanks to Jennifer Keim and the rest of the Universal Creative panel for speaking to the Gator Theme Park Engineering & Design Club regarding doing business internationally in the Themed Entertainment Industry.
February 2017
I founded the Gator Theme Park Engineering & Design Club at the University of Florida during my freshman year with the intent to connect students of a variety of disciplines to the themed entertainment industry.
January 2017
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