Cornell Theme Park Design Competition
During the Spring 2018 semester, over 50 teams from universities all around the country participated in the Cornell Theme Park Design Competition. We were tasked with creating a ride concept for a family-friendly water ride while facing geographical, fiscal, and ergonomic constraints. 
A special thanks to my teammates Christopher Copeland, Sierra Simpson, and Megan Lenoir for their hard work and perseverance; it was an amazing experience working with the group,

Drawing by Megan Lenoir

Upon discovering a set of Charles Darwin’s lost notes, modern scientists are led to believe that a sentient species of algae is residing in the Galapagos Islands.  The only known habitat for such an advanced species of algae is deep within the caves of a volcanic island.  The algae, affectionately nicknamed “Noctiluca” by Darwin in his notes, is capable of amazing feats.  It can manipulate water, rupture terrain, and communicate amongst itself.  The breadths of such abilities are unknown, however Darwin’s notes only go so far as to explore the surface of such a mystery.  Written at the bottom of his notes, scratched deep into the paper, Darwin warns “Beware the Noctiluca.”
Ride POV

POV Created on Planet Coaster by Christopher Copeland
Technical Systems
To add a unique twist to the classic water ride, our team developed a concept for a horizontal drop. Using friction brakes and motorized bogies, guest are launched at a 23 degree angle down 80 feet of track reaching max speeds of 30 mph. 
Serving as the climax of the ride, guests will lock into a linear synchronous motor powered elevator system and fly 90 feet in the air at a speed of 40 mph. The lift is modeled from the Toshiba Taipei 101 elevator and will serve roles as a launch and drop tower. 
Site Plan
Given the available land. existing ride building, and geographic location of the Midwest with the intent of year round operation, we decided to design the ride in an indoor environment. 
Ride Overview
Blocking system of the attraction
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