Docking Dark Ride Concept
This project consists of the creation of a preliminary ride concept that exhibits qualities of both a dark ride and a roller coaster. Working with other students from the Gator Theme Park Engineering & Design Club, we were able to perform some simplified calculations as a means of proof of concept for actuator selection and friction break selection. I was responsible for the hand sketches and full CAD model of the ride vehicle. 
Hand sketch of the Docking Dark Ride Assembly with and without the FRP fairing
Isometric view of Docking Dark Ride Assembly
Concept view of cabin component docking onto rollercoaster track from motion base assembly.
CAD model of Assembly
Model demonstrating the coaster vehicle transferring on to the static track
CAD model of the coaster vehicle
CAD model of the cabin seats located on the coaster vehicle
User interface/lap restraint allowing for the guest to press one of the two buttons after being prompted by the screen
3D Printed model of ride vehicle
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